How to Choose a Battery Powered Chainsaw

how to choose battery powered chainsaw

There are several choices when it is time to buy a battery-powered saw. You have two choices when it comes time to buy a chainsaw. One can come with a wire or a batteries, while the other can be purchased separately. Also, make sure that the battery you choose is compatible with your existing equipment. This will ensure that you can use the battery-powered saw with other tools. A battery chainsaw can be ordered with a specified weight, price, or bar length.

Adjustment done by hand

Tool-free adjustment is an important feature when selecting a battery powered chainsaw. This allows you to adjust the tension of the saw bar without the need for a special tool. However, some battery powered saws have manual adjustment options, such as a scrench. A tool-free option is a good choice depending on how long you spend cutting.

When choosing a battery-powered chainsaw, another important thing to consider is whether the saw can be adjusted without the use of a tool. There are two mounting studs for the saw to adjust the tension of the chain. Others require that you use a wrench to adjust it. Consider whether your battery powered chainsaw features a toolless bar adjustment. Tool-free adjustment is especially useful if you don't have time to adjust the chain manually.

Brushless motors

Brushless motors offer the best option for your battery chainsaw. Brushless motors produce less friction than conventional motors which means longer runtimes and more power. Brushless chainsaws can be up to 85 to 90 percent efficient, while standard models run at 75 to 80 per cent efficiency. Listed below are some of the benefits of best battery powered chain saw. Continue reading for more information.

A brushless motor produces less heat and friction compared to traditional brushed motors. They also have improved electrical efficiency, reducing the chance of electrical noise and sparking, and extending battery life. These chainsaws require a more advanced motor controller, and will last longer than a comparable brushed-motorred one. Brushless chainsaws are typically more expensive than their brushed counterparts, but their increased efficiency will make up for the difference in price.

Manual brakes

A battery-powered chainsaw is more efficient than a petrol-powered one. It is portable and easy to store. Many models include a trigger lock-out and a hand guard. These prevent the trigger from working when the chain's manually activated. You can press your thumb to activate the trigger lock-out. You can use a manual chain brake to stop the saw's backward movement. However, it is important that you clean the battery terminals and port before you start using it. Make sure the battery temperature is around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also important to keep debris out of the hand guards and chain brake mechanisms.

The battery power of a chainsaw is crucial. The battery should be charged before starting, otherwise the saw may overheat and not work properly. Battery power allows it to run for long periods of time. It is also less maintenance-intensive than its petrol-powered counterpart. A gasoline-powered chainsaw requires charging at least once per week. You need to have at most two hours of run time for your batteries.

Run time

The run time of a battery powered chainsaw varies depending on the type and model of chainsaw. A 20 volt battery will typically last about four hours on its lowest setting and low intensity. This is sufficient for low-intensity work, such as trimming thin branches, or light yardwork. Depending on the battery type, run times may be shorter or longer than the stated maximum. It is important to know the battery's amp-hour rating (AH). This is used to determine how powerful the chainsaw can produce.

A 16-inch log requires a lot of energy, while an 8-inch one will only require slightly more. Most cases, the battery charger won't keep up with saw run time. Extra batteries will be required for extended outdoor work. This is particularly important if your chain saw will be operating far from home. If you plan to cut large logs, or are working in an area with no power outlets, a battery-powered chainsaw charger is the best choice.