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Welcome to Northwest Charity Donation Service

At NWCDS, we work with donors and local charities to ensure that local dollars assist local matters. Rather than donate to a national cause, why not donate to a local non-profit organization? We take great pride in providing assistance to charities right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Let us help you help your community by donating your vehicles to charity!  We accept most cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, boats, motorcycles, and trailers. If you have questions, please contact us.

You can call Northwest Charity Donation Service toll free at 1-800-961-6119 or submit our online Vehicle Donation Form. Once we hear from you, we will professionally facilitate all the necessary paperwork, scheduling, and transportation needed to ensure a smooth transition.  

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Benefits of Donating via Northwest Charity Donation Service

  • NWCDS gives you the opportunity to donate to a local cause and benefit an organization that serves your community.
  • NWCDS maximizes vehicle value and tax return potential by detailing, making small repairs, and in some cases, larger repairs.
  • NWCDS also has the ability to transport larger donations (motor homes, boats, etc.)
  • NWCDS originated and maintains its base of operations in the Northwest.
  • Our team personally visits charitable facilities to verify funds are not being misused.
  • A representative from NWCDS attends every auction to make sure that the process is always handled properly. DONATE

Why Donate Your Vehicle to a Charitable Cause? 

  • To provide you the opportunity to contribute to the public good.
  • To avoid the headache of trying to sell a car, ad expenses, fielding phone calls, showing it, or haggling over the price.
  • Free vehicle pick-up and all paperwork handled.
  • To realize the tax benefits of a charitable donation. DONATE

How Does the Donation Process Work?

Most non-profit organizations seek contributions in any form to off-set their overhead costs, and most importantly, to help others. Northwest Charity Donation Service will act as your representative in accepting the donations and forwarding the proceeds to your organization. DONATE

NWCDS Makes Your Charitable Vehicle Donation Easy

  • To donate a vehicle to charity, first choose a non-profit from our List of Charities.
  • We accept most cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, boats, motorcycles, and trailers. If you have questions, contact us to make sure we will accept your vehicle.
  • Fill out an online application or call us toll free at 1-800-961-6119.
  • After we receive your application, a qualified transportation company will contact you within two business days to arrange pick up your vehicle and you will receive an initial tax receipt at that time. Please have the key and title available.
  • Your charitable vehicle donation is sold by a reputable, local vehicle auction to minimize delay and eliminate fraud.
  • If the proceeds from the sale exceed $500 dollars, you will be mailed a receipt certifying actual sale value. This letter shows the IRS that you are authorized for a charitable tax deduction. DONATE